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Please contact ECCO Motors at 850-699-6577 or email Kenny Williams at  to arrange a rental for a street legal golf cart for your Destin beach vacation needs.

Destin City Policy – No standard golf cart can be driven on county sidewalks or streets.  In order to be driven on Destin streets, golf carts must be converted for street use and can only be driven on roads / streets that have a maximum 35 mile per hour limit.  Street legal golf carts are identifiable because they have a license plate identical to automobiles.  Please note that all laws for automobiles apply to street legal golf carts.  Specifically, all motorized vehicles are against the law on sidewalks plus streets that exceed the 35 mile per hour limit.  Golf Carts are not a toy and by law are required to be driven by licensed individuals only!  Remember – SAFETY FIRST!




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