With the summer rental season just over a month away, there’s no better time to promote the latest and greatest in rental properties than now. Destin, FL has thousands of rental units along the Emerald Coast- so how do they compare? And what is the difference between the options that are out there, and what is offered at Carter Beach Vacation Rentals?

High rise and low rise condos are great options for both small and large groups vacationing on the Emerald Coast. These units can range from small, one-bedroom units to large, grand Penthouse suites. There’s also a difference between rental units across the street from the beach access, as well as those condos that are located directly on the beach itself. The perk of renting inside a condo complex are the amenities- most offer grilling areas, swimming pools, and other vacation-friendly options.

At Carter Beach Vacation Rentals, we offer several condos- including one bedroom efficiency units in the Blue Surf condos across the street from Pompano Joe’s, as well as a Penthouse unit inside of Crystal Dunes in Crystal Beach. Aqua Ocean View is another one of our rental units that features stunning views- and the exclusivity of a condo building.

There are many, many townhomes for rent in the Miramar Beach, FL and Destin, FL areas. These townhomes are usually located on the beach itself and are within a small complex of identical units. While you’re able to enjoy private beaches and elongated deck space, there are some negatives as well- including close proximity to your neighbors and very little outdoor space (aside from the beach, of course). Carter Beach Vacation Rentals offers several townhomes, including some specifically inside the Seawinds complex in Miramar Beach, FL.

Private Homes
For both medium and large gatherings, private homes offer some of the best options for vacationers in the Miramar Beach, FL and Destin, FL areas. With homes that are directly on the beach, as well as hidden inside exclusive neighborhoods, private homes are the way to go for vacationers in the area. They offer many positives that townhomes and condos cannot- including private pools, seclusion from neighbors, extensive kitchens and more. Bedrooms can range from three to seven (or more in some rare cases) and often these homes sleep anywhere from a group of 8 up to 30. Carter Beach Vacation Rentals has dozens of home options for rent- including one of our newest additions, Banana Wind.


Vacationing along the Emerald Coast is a once in a lifetime experience. With white sandy beaches, the emerald green waters, and a vast array of family-friendly activities, Miramar Beach, FL and Destin, FL are two vacation hot spots that families flock to year after year. Carter Beach Vacation Rentals has added several properties to the rental program, and we are currently booking for summer, the end of 2015, and beyond.

If you’re seeking adventure and luxury, look no further than our inventory found on this website. Chances are there’s something that fits your group’s needs inside our extensive offering of homes.