Fall is officially here. Schools have had (or are in the process of) fall break and homecoming dances. There’s literally Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING at the store. And cinnamon is the first thing you smell at your local Publix while venturing in to buy goodies for your favorite team’s football game on Sunday.

Fall in Destin Florida means a change of seasons doesn’t come with surprises or drum rolls. The weather shifts are subtle, and there’s no real change in color. It’s more of a mindset here in the sunshine state- and Carter Beach Properties has just the right ways to celebrate.

Save Energy!

Thankfully the weather does start to cool down from hot and humid, to warm and mild, during the fall months. Now is the time to open windows and doors and enjoy the ocean breeze. Cutting down on the usage of your air conditioner not only saves energy, but money as well. Even if it’s just for an hour in the morning, your air conditioner has worked hard this summer- now is the time to give it a much deserved break.

Go For a Drive

The traffic during the summer months ANYWHERE in Florida is a nightmare. People coming and going from other cities, seasonal workers rushing to their jobs- it’s like a marathon. With the roads clearing up, and less people in town, now is the time to just go for a drive and enjoy what the area has to offer. Here in Destin, it’s an ideal time to have lunch on 30A, or walk along the harbor.

Have a Hurricane Party

Hurricane Season officially comes to a close at the end of November- and what better way to celebrate fall (heading into winter) than to have a Hurricane Party? Clear out the pantry, eat what needs to be eat, and enjoy the fact that it wasn’t necessary throughout the year. And if you still plan on saving what’s there, throw a party anyway. It’s a great excuse to get good friends together.

Avoid Sports Bars

Unless you absolutely have to see the next Alabama or Florida State game at your favorite restaurant, avoid going out to the local sports pub. It’s the busiest place around, especially on College Football Saturdays and NFL Sundays. Instead, try something else- sushi is always a good bet, and the seafood restaurants are always fun. There are plenty of local restaurants that you can enjoy outside of the football bubble. But hey, if you’re like those of us at Carter Beach and you enjoy a good football game- Miller’s Ale House and O’Quigley’s Seafood Steamer are perfect places to enjoy the big game.

Prepare for Snowbirds

The snowbirds are coming! The minute it begins to cool down, Floridians can expect to see an older crowd moving into vacation rentals and timeshares in their areas. The stores begin to offer sales, local restaurants give discounts, and the crowds are less ‘busy’ as retirees enjoy their golden years. It’s a sign of the holidays and, finally, spring being just around the corner.

Trade in Your Flip Flops

By October, men and women are itching to change out their wardrobe- even if it’s only for a few weeks, or even months. Old Navy stops selling flip flops and stores begin carrying boots, even if it is just for a short time. You start to see less and less skin- and that’s when you know fall is just around the corner.


If you live in Florida all year long, enjoy it. There’s a rare chance of snow, the temperatures are mild compared to the north, and everyone envies your view of the ocean. Things might be a little different here- but we still have pumpkins, Halloween and Homecoming dances. Florida isn’t that much different- we just celebrate autumn in our own special way.