Golfing is huge in the state of Florida. While certain areas are more affluent than others, Florida in general is a destination for golf enthusiasts from around the world.

During the summer, and even well into the winter months, Carter Beach Properties receives question after question about golfing in Destin, best places for golf, etc. We’ve taken the time to put together a list of some local golf courses for potential visitors to enjoy. We have put these in no particular order, but encourage our readers to research and prepare for their upcoming golf trip.

Located in beautiful, quiet Miramar Beach, this golf resort is considered by many to be Northwest Florida’s best. There are four championship courses here, as well as tons of other activities to entertain the non-golfing members of the family.

Surrounded by some of the most unique home designs in Destin, golfing at Kelly Plantation is an experience. It’s not only visually impressive, but also environmentally sensitive, making it an ideal location for many traveling golf enthusiasts.

Also located in Destin, Seascape is only minutes from the beach and offers two practice greens, a restaurant, and a pro-shop. This course also boasts award winning golf professionals that can help with both biggers and masters on improving their golf game.

Another beautiful golf neighborhood in the heart of Destin, Regatta Bay offers unique challenges for players from any background. It was designed specifically around the area’s landscaping and presents something different for local and visiting golfers to enjoy.

With 27 holes of pure perfection, the Indian Bayou Golf Club is another Destin favorite. It’s split into three 9-hole courses and also offers variations based on skill. It’s a beautiful alternative to some of the larger courses in the area.


Whether you’re an experienced golfer, or new to the game, there’s something for golfers of all levels here in Destin. Somewhere between the beautiful, lush Florida interior and our white sandy beaches, a variety of designers put their heads together to create some of the most accessible and gorgeous courses in the state. For both locals and visitors, these options provide a bit of escape from the typical beach life- and bring together the golf community in new and exciting ways.

Be sure to click on the links above for more information on each course- including tee times, booking information, and more.