Vacationing in the Destin area, or anywhere offering vacation rentals, is popular among families of all sizes. The appeal of having both privacy and comfortable staying quarters during the yearly family offering is something that many families prefer to the standard hotel stay. At a glimpse, it’s easy to say that you have everything you need.

But then comes the grocery store. Or Wal*Mart. Or anywhere else offering food and necessities.

Vacay Foods, an exclusive marketing partner with Carter Beach Properties, offers vacation grocery service for those staying short term or long term on the Emerald Coast. Using their own products in a local warehouse, the company is able to offer products at nearly the same price as Publix. And if you’re staying with Carter Beach Properties, there’s a discount code for you to use.

While there are similar services in the area, Vacay Foods is able to offer a direct-to-consumer appeal that many vacationers prefer and trust.

You can find out more information on the company by visiting their official website. If you’re staying with Carter Beach Properties this summer, check out the insert in our property information guide.

Happy Summer 2014!